Consulting Services

Hotel Zone undertakes to provide variable services best suited to the promoters/owners who are looking to an expert to brainstorm the obstacles and achieve maximum profitability.

While all services, as mentioned in the foregoing, are crucial to move ahead with better profitability, we will help locate, review and guide sales and operational efforts by providing detailed strategy to overcome obstacles. The strategies could be for Sales & Marketing (including E-marketing); F&B; Operations; HR Development; Financial Accounting etc.

Pertinent to add that Hotel Zone will customize package that fits the budget to provide the above services individually and/or jointly

Sales & Marketing

Hotel Zone will help device “Correct Business Module” and fill the missing links by educating the sales team and perform correct sales techniques while creating accountable reporting system for inspection, review and remedial measures For any Hotel, a well-trained and motivated Sales Head, equipped with complete information and latest techniques is must for a long term success and will lead the core team for positive results in increasing top-line revenue.

We will deliver organized Sales & Marketing tool/strategies that could be implemented in short time and yield immediate results. The Sales & Marketing objective will include:


Gone are the days when Hotel Guests used travel book and totally relied on recommendations from various quarters.....

Good hospitality is all about first impression -- be it with product or service -- everything speaks volume and help loyal brand following. Last few years have witnessed technological advancement in communication, computing and information distribution that made travellers carry smart phones, tablets/notebooks/computing devices. In today's world of information technology, if Hotels are not visible on the web, they are offering business to their competitors on the platter.

We help you select right methodology for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance presence of your website and market your hotel to its full potential. We will analyse your present website, keywords, contents, marketing tools etc. and will work on uniqueness while providing solutions for local, national and international (depending on segment) search results.

E-Marketing: With your customers receiving hundreds of messages daily, how can you make sure yours are the ones they’re reading and responding to? We will help you devise powerful e-marketing solutions for:

Smart search campaigns are all about knowledge. WE help you select professional SEM Service provider who have got years of experience, deep industry and product knowledge and a full